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Flash Fusion: Stories, Interviews and Prompts by Writers of South Asian Heritage, co-editor and contributor (Dahlia Publishing, forthcoming summer 2024). 


'Margins', in Flash Fiction Festival Six (AdHoc Fiction, December 2023), pp. 11-12. Buy it here

'Flash of Inspiration: Gerri Brightwell on "Necessary Measures"' (Interview), in Litro Magazine (June 2023). Read it here.

'Flash of Inspiration: Pauline Holdsworth on "Demeter Stages an Intervention"' (Interview), in Litro Magazine (March 2023). Read it here.  

'Proximity', in Tales from the City, ed. by Sara Jafari (TOKEN Magazine, March 2023), pp. 16-128. Buy it here

'Interview with David Rose' (Interview), for the Word Factory (January 2023). Read it here


'Everybody', in Best Small Fictions 2022, ed. by Nathan Leslie (Sonder Press, November 2022). Buy it here

'The Right Fit', in 100 Voices, ed. by Miranda Roszkowski (Unbound, March 2022), pp. 161-163Buy it here.


'Cherry Blossom in the Park', in This Is Our Place (Spread the Word, November 2021), pp. 99-100. Read it here

'Anvils and Canals', in Where We Find Ourselves (Arachne Press, October 2021), pp. 35-39. Buy it here

'Botany Bay', in Litro Magazine (October 2021). Read it here.

'Why They Say Red and Green Should Never Be Seen', in Visual Verse (Vol. 8, Ch. 12/ October 2021). Read it here

'Northern Lines - A review of Test Signal: Northern Anthology of New Writing, ed. by Nathan Connolly' (The Word Factory, September 2021). Read it here

'Everybody', in the National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2021 (AdHoc Fiction, June 2021)Find out more here 


'Velocity', longlisted for The Leicester Writes Short Story Prize 2020, published in Leicester Writes Short Story Prize Vol. 4 (Dahlia Publishing, 2020)Buy it here 

'Farhana Khalique on how to keep writing (even when you don’t want to)' (article), on The Word Factory blog on Medium (May 2020). Read it here

'Chai Tea, Naan Bread' (poem), in The Brown Anthology: Language, edited by Sophia Amina (10:10 Press, 2020), pp. 28-31. Buy it here

'Chasing Moonbows', in Reflex Press (March 2020). Read it here

'Searching', in Visual Verse (Vol. 7, Ch. 5/ March 2020). Read it here

'The New Scarf', in Visual Verse (Vol. 7, Ch. 4/ February 2020). Read it here. 


'Icebergs', in Litro Magazine (December 2019). Read it here

'Things to do in the middle of a heatwave during your first trip to Cornwall', in Lighthouse Literary Journal Issue 20, edited by Helen Rye and Christopher Allen (Autumn 2019). Buy it here

'Baby Elephant', in Popshot Quarterly Issue 25, edited by Matilda Battersby (Autumn 2019), pp. 28, and on (August 2019). Read it here.   


'The Rights to the City', in Things Left and Found by the Side of the Road: Bath Flash Fiction Volume Three (Ad Hoc Fiction, 2018), p. 48, and online on FlashFlood (June 2020). Read it here

'Mango Pickle', shortlisted for The Asian Writer Short Story Prize 2018. Find out more here

'Feathers', winner, in City of Stories 2 (Spread the Word, 2018), pp. 121-122. Find out more here

'Speaking to Millions' (article), in sister-hood magazine (August, 2018). Read it here

'Review: Defending the Pencil Factory, by Adam Marek' (Word Factory, February 2018). Read it here

'Pink and Blue', in The Good Journal Issue 1, edited by Nikesh Shukla (June 2018), pp. 103-109. Buy it here


'After the Crash', winner of the Word Factory Flash of the Month (December 2017). Read it here. 

'On the Bridge', highly commended, in City of Stories 1 (Spread the Word, 2017), pp. 130-131. Find out more here

'Under the Same Sky', in Dividing Lines, edited by Farhana Shaikh (Dahlia Publishing, 2017), pp. 145-161. Buy it here. 


'Farhana Khalique: Pretty Prose You Can Drink' (Interview), in the Asian Voice (January 2016). Read it here


'Too Soon', on The Asian Writer (October 2015). Read it here


'How the Angel Drowned my Spark', in Carillon magazine Issue 40, edited by Graham Rippon (November 2014), pp. 30-31. Find out more here

'Drink Another Between Night and Blue', in Carillon magazine Issue 39, edited by Graham Rippon (July 2014), pp. 30-31. Find out more here


'You Are Here Sitting on the Floor Reading a Book and You Look Like the Sun', in Carillon magazine Issue 30, edited by Graham Rippon (July 2011), pp. 66-69. Find out more here

'Red Shoes', in Carillon magazine Issue 29, edited by Graham Rippon (February 2011), pp. 42-43. Find out more here


'Southend in January', in Happy Birthday to Me, edited by Farhana Shaikh (Dahlia Publishing, 2010), pp. 69-72. Buy it here

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